Building a Sustainable Community

Infrastructure, Institutions and inclusion

Through strategic investments and smart growth, we can create conditions for an efficient, thriving and environmentally sustainable community where we are all secure in our homes, free to seek our dreams, and confident in our government.

hurricane harvey.png


Living on the Gulf Coast, we are all aware of the dangers of tropical rainstorms and hurricanes. Hurricane Harvey was not the first big storm, nor will it be the last. As the world continues to change around us, we have to work to protect our community. We must invest in 21st century infrastructure to protect ourselves from the storms we know are coming.


An integrated Transportation system

Living in the Bay Area affords us an incredible bargain: affordable housing and a more relaxed pace of life with the flexibility to go anywhere in the region whenever we want. With more people moving to the area, we must building a truly integrated transportation system so that congestion does not cut us off from prosperity.                                          


Leaders that listen           

In order to make progress and answer the truly important questions of our day, we must have confidence in our government. Politics doesn't work today because we, the people, don't have confidence in our elected leaders. By making elections more competitive, we can hold our elected officials accountable and get the government we truly deserve.