Supporting Strong, Safe and Healthy Families

Healthcare, public safety and dignity

Healthcare, public safety and dignity are the bedrocks of strong families. Bay Area families deserve our support, protection and respect. Together, we can solve any problems.



Nothing can destroy a family like an unexpected health crisis. In the Bay Area, we are blessed to live in a community with many health care providers. But for many, including those with especially challenging health care needs, these resources are out of reach. We must ensure real access to healthcare in order to keep our families strong.


Public Safety

One of the primary responsibilities of government is to ensure public safety. Whether it's in our public schools, our small businesses, on our roads or in our parks, we must work to ensure that everyone feels safe. And if they don't, that they can rely on those we empower to protect and serve.                                                                                 



As Texans, we pride ourselves on our hospitality, and as members of the Bay Area community, we know our strength comes from the respect and dignity we show every individual in our community. There is more that unites us than divides us and only by working together will we solve the real problems affecting our community.