Our Economy


a truly competitive and free market

No two people are exactly alike. That's why a free society and a free market are crucial to developing diverse, flexible and innovative businesses and jobs. But freedom without options really isn't freedom. In order for consumers, workers and small businesses to truly thrive, we must have the freedom and security to find the best option for ourselves. It's about investing in people and working towards full employment and dignity for all.

We have an incredible economy here in the Bay Area. We're leaders in aerospace, medicine, industrial materials, trade and tourism. But we can do so much more. When people talk about "the Bay Area", let's make sure they mean Houston, Texas. 

So what does that mean?

We need to constantly evaluate the regulatory landscape so outdated rules don't restrict startups from competing with established big businesses

Small business owners face major challenges growing their companies, even without the regulatory barriers put in place by lobbyists working for larger corporations. Let's make sure that the rules and regulations in Texas allow innovative thinkers and entrepreneurs to be evaluated on their ideas - not their size. That's how we keep our economy efficient. 

We need to also evaluate the regulatory landscape so loopholes don't give corporations an extra leg up.

One example I've heard is that large corporations will put off paying their bills for 90 days or more to our local businesses. As your representative, I will fight to ensure that large corporations can't push around their vendors like that.

We need to support low-income workers by helping make every extra bit of work worth more with a state earned income tax credit

Conservative and liberal economists agree that an earned income tax is one of the most effective ways of moving people into the workforce (supply side economics for workers), upskill-ing workers, and fighting poverty. Only by having an inclusive economy, can we make use of everyone's skills and continue to make our tight knit community even better. Many states offer a state earned income tax credit including Ohio, Indiana, Oklahoma and Louisiana. It's about an efficient tax system - not a big one.

We need to support small businesses by making it easier to hire workers - by lowering costs and helping them be more competitive with large corporations

Sometime in the next year, the Bay Area is going to get a Costco. With unemployment at 3.9% and an aggressive benefits package, Costco will improve lives for many working families. We can welcome Costco and help keep our small businesses competitive, by expanding Medicaid - that way small businesses can compete more fairly with corporations like Costco, and our friends and neighbors can decide which job they truly want without putting their families at risk.

We can also help make it easier for small businesses to hire workers by offering a tax credit to those hiring workers at the minimum wage, helping ease those start up costs.