Creating Diverse Opportunities

Education, our economy and taxes

Our vision is creating avenues for everyone to chase their own version of the American dream. When we empower people with the necessary education and skills, a fair marketplace and taxes that make sense, we can grow the pie together so that everyone benefits.



Education is the key to growing ourselves and our communities. Whether it's learning the basics at our public schools, becoming certified on the job, or pursuing a degree at college, knowledge helps expand our horizons and grow the pie for our whole community.



Small, independent businesses are the backbone of our economy and the flavor of our community. The more diverse small businesses we have, the more our economy is efficient, inclusive and innovative. A truly fair and competitive marketplace benefits everyone.

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Efficient taxes

There are no free lunches. The investments we need to make for the long term require us to pool our resources for the common good. But our tax policy should make sense. They should promote the growth of our economy while being fair to those with the least to give.