I grew up right here in Clear Lake. I'm a product of our award-winning schools and vibrant community. I’m proud to be from the Bay Area, prouder to be back, and passionate about making a great place even better. 

I got into this race because I'm frustrated with our politics. I think representatives should be cut to their local communities, not tailored to state party interests. As your representative, I will listen to the community, represent our views in Austin and advocate on your behalf when you have an issue with government (at any level).

If you want to jump right into the issues, read about my positions (on individual opportunities, sustainable communities and strong families)  and let me know what you think. Better yet, let's meet up and talk about it -- people-to-people politics moves us forward and there are more win-win solutions out there than you've been told.

We probably won't agree on everything 100% - just ask my wife - but as long we keep it honest and reasonable, we can keep dreaming big and moving District 129 forward.

“If two men agree on everything, one’s not thinking”
— Sam Rayburn